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Xikumbane Village- Mozambique

Xikumbane is what we refer to as our “Base Camp” in Mozambique.  Albert is the one who after going back to Mozambique, when the civil war was over, asked Pastor Peter Khoza, under whose preaching he was saved, to come and help start a church in his village.  So Albert was instrumental in helping to plant a number of the churches in the area.  This church is seen as the “Mother Church” in our area of ministry in Mozambique.  Many problems have arisen in this church and they have not matured in Christ as they should have because of weak leadership where many of the church leaders (deacons) live very worldly lives.  Albert has just married Joyce in recent years after his first wife died some years ago.  This also impacted Albert’s leadership ability.  Pray that this “Mother Church” will realise that many look up to them in the Christian walk and that they will live their lives as the blessed man in Psalm 1 who walk uprightly before God and man.