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Tchale- Mozambique

When we first brought a team the village of Tchale in 2007 one of the teams that went on hut-to-hut encountered a drunk who openly showed his disgust toward the team being there.  This same man though, came to the men’s teaching as well as the evening service where the Lord convicted him of his sin and was saved.  This man was Highway.  Today he leads the church in Tchale and is very outspoken in his community toward their traditional practices of witchcraft and calling out to the ancestors.  He even goes to these gatherings and challenges those who have made commitments to follow Christ to make a stand and leave because “we as Christians belong to Christ who died on the cross to pay the penalty for sin and we don’t do these things anymore”.  What boldness!  He has even testified at the open evening services when we have been back to Tchale and said to all there, “you all know me, you have seen me grow up in this village and know what I used to be like, a sinful drunk who did bad things, and now you have seen I am not the same man because Jesus saved me and changed me and now I follow Him”.

Pray that Highway and his wife, Emmelinah, will continue to stand firm and be the example to their community of what true born-again believers are.