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Muzimani Village- Mozambique

Amerigo has a wonderful testimony of unwavering faith in the face of death when he was hung above a flaming fire because of making a stand for Christ and not giving in to the demands to worship the ancestors.  He carries the scars of having an infested sore on his one leg ever since, which he stubbornly will not allow doctors to amputate.  This has left him cripple in the one leg and needs a crutch to get around.  His donkey waits for him on the other side of the river to take him home after he has been to leadership training.  Amerigo also is not well educated but is willing to lead.  Pray that the Lord will bring a younger man to work alongside of his in ministry and that he will remain strong in the Lord.  He has a heart to reach out to other villages but doesn’t have the physical ability to get around easily.