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Dumela Village- Mozambique

Elias’ church (Free Methodist) was the only Bible believing church in the village when we first came to Dumela.  He went to a Bible School in Zimbabwe during the war years in Mozambique and came back to pastor a church and preach the Gospel.  He was instrumental in discipling Judas Makamu when he was saved that first time we preached in this village.  Elias later joined the Baptist church as he felt that he did not have the support from his denomination.  He shares the leadership with Judas.


Judas is still growing in the knowledge of Scripture.  He was asked to take leadership of the church (Baptist) by the missionaries when he was saved because he could read.  This kind of practice was common and has been the cause of many difficulties in church leadership.  Once Elias also joined the Baptist church there was tension between these two leaders that needed to be dealt with.  Pray that both Elias and Judas will lead this church with integrity and appreciate the opportunity to have each other to help grow this church to the glory of God.